Contribute to Leaf

Creating a programming language is an audacious endeavour. If you would like to help we'd be extremely grateful. Leaf can only get done with the assistance of many people. There is so much to be done there's something for everybody. Below are some things that we will need, either now, or later.

Please contact us now to offer your valuable expertise.

Idea feedback

Ideas and concepts relevant to Leaf are covered frequently on edA-qa's Blog. Commenting on those ideas is a great way to get involved now.

Experimental Leaf Programming

To ensure we're building the right language we need a lot of Leaf code. Some of those annoying things about a language can only be found after a significant project has been written. Any project, small or large, would be an excellent way to test Leaf.


There's still no forums nor mailing list. Tutorials and reference material will also be needed.


The compiler currently produces Linux x86_64 code. Obviously that isn't good enough. In theory anything supported by LLVM should also be supported by Leaf. Porting is however non-trivial. The modularity/libraries and error handling are very OS specific.


Most languages really aren't very useful without supporting libraries. Both an assortment of essential libraries, and optional libraries will be provided in Leaf. A library repository is also needed to ensure quick and easy access to libraries.